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Covid-19 Welfare Grooming

As of 16th September 2021, all Victorian grooming salons are now permitted to open for WELFARE GROOMING and a vet letter is no longer necessary. See below what constitutes as a welfare groom.

What is welfare grooming?
Welfare grooming refers to grooming that is required by some domestic pets due to their coat or condition. Welfare grooming differs from grooming that is done for cosmetic purposes. Welfare grooming is a necessity for some breeds of dog. Failure to groom these dogs can result in serious welfare problems such as severe and painful matting, skin issues, ear infections, body temperature regulation and other health problems.

What pets require welfare grooming?
1.Specific dog breeds with double coats.
2. Dogs that require welfare grooming due to their current condition i.e excessive matting

When is grooming not a welfare concern?
Generally, grooming is not required for welfare reasons for: Short and smooth coated dogs that require significantly less grooming and can usually be done in the home. Examples of these breeds include Labradors, Jack Russells, Pugs, French Bulldogs, and Greyhounds. While these breeds do require bathing and brushing, during lockdown restrictions this can usually be done in the home by the owner. For these pets, we would offer nail-clipping only.

Bark & Co. Welfare Grooming Policy

  • We are prioritising clients that had appointments booked back in July/August who fit the criteria for a welfare groom.
  • We are only accepting dogs that:
  • Are currently matted or have an excessively long or thick coat
  • Currently have excessively thick & compacted double coat i.e Samoyeds, Japanese Spitz, & certain Golden Retrievers and Pomeranians with thicker coats or are older in age can qualify as well
  • We will not be de-matting or doing any breed specific grooms. As we believe that is for aesthetic reasons and not welfare. We will however at most do breed specific faces that is proportionate to the length that we groom the body to.
  • We will not be doing any long clips or style clips (short body long legs). The longest all over clip will be with a 10mm attachment comb, which leaves the hair at about 1-1.5cm long. If the coat is too matted we will instead do a shorter clip typically given in summer (shave off). Anything longer will constitute as an aesthetic groom and not be considered welfare. We know some of our customers will not agree to this, but if a longer clip can go through without excessive brushing then your pets coat is in good health and not considered to be a welfare issue. You may choose to contact another salon who may accomodate your request.
  • You will agree to and sign our welfare consent form which can be downloaded here (please print a signed copy and bring it with you on the day of your appointment)
  • No Show Policy
    If you fail to show up to your appointment a $30 cancellation fee will be applied and will be added to your next visit. Please let us know 12-24hrs in advance if you need to cancel. We are working at reduced capacity so every appointment counts and someone else could have taken your spot.

    New Clients
    We are no longer accepting any new clients for the foreseeable future as we are trying to cut back on the number of dogs we do a day so that we can provide a better experience for staff and pets. You are welcome to email us to with your details for when we do start taking new clients in the future.

    Appointments after your pets welfare groom
    As we still don’t have a definite date out of lockdown we will put all new appointments on hold for the time being as we are still dealing with the backlog of appointments from July/August. Your pet should be fine to wait another 8 weeks.

    If you understand and agree to all of the above and believe your dog qualifies for a welfare groom please text us on our new mobile number 0415 635 698, or via our email at