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Covid-19 FAQs

Do i need to be vaccinated? Proof of vaccination must be provided on the day. Please keep to the same person for drop off/pick up if possible. If you are not vaccinated we can still groom your dog. We will take your dog in from outside the store. Please let us know beforehand so we can keep a lookout for you on the day. Payment can be made over the phone or we can bring our eftpos machine out to you.

What happens if there’s another lockdown? If there will be any other future lockdowns (we hope not) we will not be rescheduling your missed appointment but instead cancelling it. From there we leave the responsibility to you the owner to get in contact to reschedule to our next available spot. The best workaround if this happens is to have 2-3 appointments booked ahead of time so that if we do have another lockdown at least you are still booked in and not waiting 10-12 weeks for our next available time slot. We understand this might sound unfair but we think its the best workaround for us all. 


Are you still accepting new clients? We are no longer accepting any new clients for the foreseeable future as we are trying to cut back on the number of dogs we do a day so that we can provide a better experience for staff and pets. You are welcome to email us to with your details for when we do start taking new clients in the future.

How frequently should I have my dog groomed ? 
We suggest dogs with slightly longer coats to be groomed every 4 – 6 weeks to ensure their hair does not get matted and is not harbouring insects or hiding skin conditions.

What if I only want to groom my dog every 3-4 months but still keep him fluffy?
Unless you’re committed to brushing and combing him almost daily, and/or after walks and rough play, the only best solution to fit that grooming time frame is to clip his coat to a shorter length (typically to about 1cm or shorter). 

My dog is really matted, can you brush it out?
Depending on the severity of the matting, we will always choose comfort over vanity. Brushing out matts can be painful especially if your dog is not accustomed to regular brushing/combing at home. We will always assess your dog’s coat on arrival and suggest the best solution. 

How long does the grooming process usually take?
The grooming process usually takes 2-4 hours.  Depending on your dog’s coat condition and temperament we will advise you on a rough time frame when your dog will be ready and will send you a text message as soon as they are ready. 

Can you send a text message to two different numbers?
No, due to the limitations on our booking software we can only send text messages to one mobile number at a time. Please make sure on drop off that we have the correct mobile number set. 

Do i need to bring anything on the day of my appointment?
No, unless your dog responds well to specific treats then you can bring some for their grooming session. PLEASE make sure your dog’s collar/harness is properly secured onto your dog when coming in. We highly recommend using slip leads rather than harnesses as we’ve seen many cases where dogs have slipped out of their collars & harnesses. 

I didn’t receive a text reminder?
We send out appointment reminders one day before at 9am. It is your responsibility to check which number the reminder was sent to and your family member’s responsibility to communicate to you if they’ve received the reminder. Our system can only send appointment reminders to one number. It would be beneficial to have your next appointment written down or stored in your calendar so that you don’t rely solely on our text reminders for your upcoming appointment.

When is my next appointment?
We always urge customers to rebook appointments on the day. We sometimes even pre-book a few in advance for you, but ultimately it is your responsibility to keep track of when you’re next appointment is. Please don’t give our staff a hard time regarding next available appointments. We groom around 20 dogs a day, that’s over 100 dogs a week. For each day you forget to rebook that’s 20 appointments made ahead of time. We can only do so much in a day before we burn out or worse injure ourselves or your pup.

Do you have any spots today ?
Unlikely, since the pandemic we have been booked out 10-12 weeks in advance. Many of our clients will rebook 2-3 appointments prior to leaving the salon.

Can I stay with my dog during the groom?
Unfortunately no. Dogs are calmer and better behaved for grooming when the owner is not present. When the owner is present, the dog is so focused on the owner that it disrupts the grooming process.  The dog will bark, try to lunge off the table, become very excited with the idea of you coming over to pet him.  This will make the task much harder for the groomer. Working with sharp tools makes it necessary to have 100% of the dog’s attention on the groomer.  We are using scissors and other sharp tools around your dog’s eyes and other tender parts of the body.  This can cause serious unnecessary accidents to occur.

Can you recommend another groomer?
Yes, of course!  Please check out other talented groomers local to Bayside via the website.

Why does my dog shake in fear going to the groomers ?
This is a very common occurrence in grooming salons and vet clinics. There is no simple explanation as to why it happens. Our best guess is your dog simply just doesn’t enjoy the grooming process and/or being away from you and out of their comfort zone.  It is always good practice to condition your dog at a very young age to the loud noises and vibrations of a grooming salon. Some breeders will start this process once a week at two weeks old! 

What is the procedure if we find fleas on your dog?
We will notify you straight away and will have to wash your dog in our flea shampoo at an extra charge of $10 to minimise the spread to other dogs, we will also have to keep him separated for the time being until he is picked up. 

Will my pet be sedated ?
We never sedate dogs. If a dog is truly uncooperative or made uncomfortable by the grooming process, we may end the grooming session but we will never sedate your dog.

Does my dog need to be fully vaccinated ?
Yes, Please email or bring a copy of your dog vaccination records with you on your first visit. It is the best interest for your dog as well as all the other dogs that come to the salon. 

When can I bring my puppy for its first groom ?
Once they’re fully vaccinated (usually around 16 weeks old).  It is important to groom them as soon as possible so they’re used to the grooming process.  We generally suggest a wash & tidy for their first visit.

Can i book an appointment online?
Our software’s online booking feature is currently not up to our standards so is temporarily unavailable. We are constantly in touch with the development team to see if there’s been any updates. Just send us an email or a text message and we’ll help you out with an appointment at the end of our work day.